Why Choose Us
At Your Service
We take pride in our customer service
The number one enquiry on a daily basis is ‘How is my job progressing and when will it be ready?’
What sets us apart is our communication. If you call MGalv you will receive an answer to your question.

Our customers also have multiple company contacts to speak with who know what is going on. And if you need to leave a message,
we return your call.

At MGalv, if you are a customer of ours, your project is treated in high regard. We understand that some customers have regular work and others have project-oriented work, both styles of work are moved through the plant in a timely manner. This is because our scheduling is superior to others in the industry. Our supervisors are highly trained to manage peak and trough situations and therefore you can be sure that
your work is always on the move in our plant.
MGalv has an enviable record for quality workmanship and on time delivery that suits our client’s requirements. Contact us and let’s talk about your specific galvanizing solution.
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